Richly orange, fragrant and flavourful, this all-natural saffron is derived directly from Taliouine, the saffron capital of Morocco. Saffron strands add colour to cooking, and flavour to soups, rices, and even ice cream. It’s a versatile, precious spice, arguably the most expensive spice in the world, but its slightly sweet taste and vibrant amber tone has been adding delicious beauty to cuisine for 4,000 years! Saffron strands are from the stigmas of a specific type of crocus flower and can only be harvested by hand.

Price: $8.00

Culinary Seasoning and Dipping Oil


Savoury nutty oil extracted from the gently roasted nuts of the argan tree.

Argan oil is also digestible and essential for your good health; a teaspoon or two per day helps nourish you and keeps your functions working smoothly, plus it helps to make your skin radiant and your heart happy.

Price: $26.99
Bottle sizes for culinary oil
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