Pure Argan Oil

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Pure Moroccan argan oil in a convenient travel size with a closure that is designed to distribute this precious oil one drop at a time. This size and cap is preferred by people who like to use a tiny bit of argan oil for the face and neck, or other concentrated areas. The bottle design ensures that a minimal amount of oil is released, just as much as you need.

For conditioning hair, just a small amount of oil travels throughout the hair strands, and so this type of cap is ideal for that use. The bottle is tinted amber to protect the oil from potentially damaging light. The reducer cap lets you determine how much or how little pure Cosmetic Argan Oil you want to use.

The 50mL bottle (with the Reducer-style cap) is the perfect travel size with enough oil to last several weeks on the road.

How to Use Cosmetic Argan Oil

Twist off the protective seal band and screw off the cap. Tip the bottle over your finger or the palm of your hand and tap the bottle gently to dispense the oil. Massage lightly into skin until the oil seems to vanish. For hair, massage into hair and hair follicles once a week and leave for 30 minutes or overnight; wash out with gentle soap or Ghassoul Clay. For fingernails, massage into hands and nails as you would with any quality hand lotion; use regularly, especially after washing your hands to restore hydration to nails. Reseal the cap tightly when you’ve got enough oil to apply.

  • Apply to skin and massage gently, allowing oil to penetrate skin.
  • Once a week, massage into hair and leave for 30 minutes or overnight.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Argan Oil

  • ability to control dispensing to smaller amount ideal for hair and skin
  • healthy hair and skin
  • helps Moroccan women earn a living and maintain a decent lifestyle
  • moisturizes and tones skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • strengthens and revitalizes hair
  • hydrates and protects skin
  • helps fingernails to grow, stay supple and not break, and reduces splits and cracks
  • high in vitamin E and essential acids
  • all natural 100% vegan, no chemical ingredients, no fragrances or colours
  • eco-certified precious oil

Ingredients in Cosmetic Argan Oi

Only 100% pure, organic, extra virgin Moroccan argan oil.


  • Argan oil is perfect for tattoo after care. The all-natural organic oil soothes the burning sensation of a new tattoo. The oil is gentle and fragrance-free and can be applied frequently to prevent drying.
  • Argan oil is used effectively on surgical scarring, stretch marks and any skin distress
  • Use on sun burns and as an effective UVb blocker.


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