Ghassoul Clay 250g

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Ghassoul Clay or “Rhassoul” Clay, its alternative spelling, is packaged in its dry form, so to use it as a beneficial mud facial pack and scrub, you’ll need to add moisture to make it malleable. Then it can be applied easily to the face, neck or other parts of the body, and the hair and scalp. Once a paste is made from the clay, it can be used right away, refrigerated for future use, or kept in an airtight jar for a few days and used when you’re ready.

Versatile and with many beneficial properties, Ghassoul Clay works as a cleanser (instead of soap) and a mask to sooth dry, weary skin; it cleans and conditions. As a mask, it is popular with men and women alike; it harbours no effeminate fragrances, so men love it. If you prepare a jar of mud from the Ghassoul Clay and keep it handy in your bathroom, you can use it for daily cleansing; it’s especially effective if you add a drop or two of pure argan oil before applying it to your skin.

Ghassoul Clay is mineral-rich and suitable for use on your body, face and even your hair. It cleanses and conditions, like magic! Its effectiveness and benefits have been proven over centuries of use by the people of Morocco. You’ll feel like your own bathroom has been transformed into an exotic spa with Ghassoul Clay as an essential part of your beauty and bathing rituals.

How To Use Ghassoul Clay

Place the dry clay in a bowl and gradually add a small quantity of water, mixing until a thick paste, or “mud” forms. Apply it to your skin and hair, leave for a few minutes, and rinse with clean, tepid water. When applying it to your face and hair, it helps measurably to add a few drops of pure argan oil; it multiplies all the wonderful benefits and feels terrific.

The Benefits of Ghassoul Clay

  • no chemicals, preservatives, additives, manufactured fragrances or colour
  • contains only natural, pure hectorite from Morocco’s Atlas Mountains
  • cleans and conditions face, body and hair
  • easily portable; all you do is add water and argan oil, too, if you like, when you’re ready to use it
  • safe for sensitive skin, and for hair of all ages and types
  • not tested on animals; contains no animal-based products or by-products
  • can be combined with argan oil for ameliorated effect
  • safe and 100% natural; uses no detergents in the process of cleaning
  • a respected, centuries-old method of cleaning and conditioning; tradition at its best

Ingredients in Ghassoul Clay

Simply, pure hectorite mined from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco


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