Crepe Exfoliating Glove

Price: $10.00

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This rough black fabric mitten has no distinguishable fingers or thumbs, and yet it massages and exfoliates skin like a professional massage, only better! Our Crepe Exfoliating Glove’s texture works to slough off dead skin and helps restore a fresh glow.

Not recommended for the face, it is a powerful sensation and feels so, so good when used with a few drops or argan oil to smooth out the process. The back benefits greatly from the use of a Crepe Exfoliating Glove together with argan oil, but this combination also works well on legs and arms, and is terrific for getting rid of tired, tough skin on feet.

The glove can be used again and again, so keep it clean by washing it by hand in a gentle laundry soap and warm water; hand to dry.

How to Use the Crepe Exfoliating Glove

Sit or lie in a comfortable position and apply a few drops or light spray of argan oil to the skin, then have a friend don the Crepe Exfoliating Glove, or do it yourself if you can reach, and lightly massage the skin. A warm bath with our Bath Oil afterwards will seal the skin and help rid it of loose dead flakes. Towel dry.

Benefits of the Crepe Exfoliating Glove

  • natural removal of dead, damaged skin
  • revitalizes skin
  • feels like a good massage
  • can be used with argan oil
  • washes and dries easily
  • can be used many times with proper care and cleaning; lasts a long time
  • fits virtually any hand


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